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Simultaneous Interpreting with Tourguide or interpreters’ case



I offer a travelling service with portable equipment used for simultaneous interpreting. Tourguide (also known as “InfoPort”) is suitable for bilingual or, possibly, trilingual interpreting in small meetings, held in confined spaces, where there is no space for a booth, and during visits where participants have to go from one place to another.


What are the benefits?


Simultaneous interpreting with an InfoPort or Tourguide interpreters’ case makes it possible to optimise time during bilingual  or trilingual visits and meetings in small groups.


Even though it is less comfortable for the interpreter, this approach to interpreting results in a lower cost, since there is no need to rent interpreting booths and hire a technical service.


It is ideal for site visits and factory tours where groups move around in noisy surroundings as well as for travelling activities such as sightseeing and cultural tours.


This flexible method of interpreting allows interaction between participants and interpreters.

How it works in practice

The interpreter is equipped with a portable system. He or she whispers the translation simultaneously into the microphone and moves freely around the room or on the site while the participants wear headphones to listen and are also free to move. The interpreter works alone or with a colleague depending on the duration of the assignment.

Comprehensive services

Interpreting services with Tourguide/InfoPort system, consultancy, team building, coordination. In Brussels, Belgium, France, Luxemburg.

Integrated Services

Tourguide/InfoPort system hire – The system comprises a portable, multi-channel, radio transmitter, a microphone for the interpreters, and 20 headphones. We provide this service.

Writing of minutes, summaries and syntheses and audio to text transcription after the meeting, on the basis of notetaking or a recording.

Translation and sworn translation into French of minutes, syntheses and  documents of meetings.