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Sworn interpreting



I offer you my language assistance: before courts, administrations and police, in commercial negotiations, interviews by the media, consultations with notaries, banks and  lawyers, official ceremonies, confidential interviews or meetings (board meetings, job interviews, dismissals, etc.), exams and examining boards, but also medical appointments, marriage ceremonies and driving licenses. Brussels, Belgium, France, Luxemburg.


What are the benefits?


Sworn interpretation is necessary or compulsory in contexts where confidentiality is paramount in procedures, consultations and hearings in the judicial, legal, administrative and medical sphere.


Accreditation by the FPS Justice and registration in the National Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters offers further assurance of security for the client.


My special skills: as an interpreter experienced in legal language,  I work in many different environments and can find myself in a great variety of sometimes tricky, professional situations requiring good preparation, an outstanding technique as well as subtlety and tact.


How it works in practice


Sworn interpretation is an individual language assistance service. The interpreter  translates the conversations, relaying what is being spoken at the time (liaison interpreting) or taking notes (consecutive interpreting).


It is not enough to be accurate and formal. It also important to be close to the client and work together, translating and, if necessary, explaining the issues in simple terms, and clearly understanding what is at stake.

Integrated Services

Writing of minutes, synthesis, and audio to text transcription after the meeting, on the basis of note-taking or a recording.

Translation and sworn translation into French of minutes, synthesis and  documents of meetings.