Belgique. Interprétation de liaison ou d’accompagnement

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Liaison or accompanying interpreting



I propose to accompany you to bilateral talks, negotiations, trade fairs, travel and cultural or official visits without any audio equipment, when the event involves very few participants (from 2 to 5 people) and the discussions are intended to be as natural as possible.


What are the benefits?


Accompanying or liaison interpreting is the most convenient mode of interpreting for travel situations and very small meetings where the fluidity and spontaneity of discussions are the important factors. Alongside consecutive interpreting, it is also a more affordable solution since it does not involve hiring equipment and it may, depending on circumstances, require only the services of one interpreter instead of two per language pair.

How it works in practice

The interpreter is positioned between the speakers or next to the delegate or VIP and, without any audio equipment and with a minimum of notes, provides formal or informal, spontaneous communication, by translating the conversations at the speakers’ natural pace (comment by comment, sentence by sentence).

Comprehensive services

Interpreting services with Tourguide/InfoPort system, consultancy, team building, coordination. In Brussels, Belgium, France, Luxemburg.

Integrated Services

Writing of minutes, synthesis and audio to text transcription after the meeting, on the basis of note-taking or a recording.

Translation and sworn translation into French of minutes, synthesis and  documents of meetings.